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5 Celebrity Females that Men Think are Hot and Women Think are Not

There are those universal examples of beauty that everyone loves, there are the cute, the pretty, the girl-next-door, the sporty, the quirky, and the hot.  Most of the time, men and women agree on what’s appealing to the eye, but sometimes I believe the men just get it wrong.  Before the men out there begin dismissing this list as a girl being jealous of hot girls, my boyfriend can attest that there are plenty of beautiful girls out there that float my boat.  But there are just a handful of celebrity females that have most men drooling and leave most women asking, seriously?

5. Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay is on the bottom of my list because even men now are starting to realize that she’s not really so hot.  Before she went off into the world of drugs and boozing all over hollywood, she was the cat’s meow to guys all over the world.  But even in her prime, the girl left a lot to be desired.  The freckles, the pale (or sometimes orange) skin, and the general lack of any memorable facial feature.  She had a young, teenage cuteness that just couldn’t evolve into adult beauty.


4. Pamela Anderson


Fake, fake, fake.  I’m all for surgical enhancements, but this woman doesn’t appear to have one authentic piece on her body.  Granted, her body is pretty admirable despite being unnatural, but I like to be left with the impression that fake boobs could be real.  Add to that too much make up and too much bleach and we have a poor imitation of Barbie.  Only Barbie can pull off the Barbie look, and that’s because she’s a doll.


3. Britney Spears


I do have some qualms about including Britney on my list because sometimes the girl catches me by surprise and I find myself thinking she might be hot.  But when I break it down, take away the sexy outfits and come hither dance moves, again I am left with a plain girl very effectively using smoke and mirrors.  I still give her props, she uses what she’s got and she’s good at it.


2. Megan Fox


I was originally of the opinion that Megan Fox was smokin’.  Circa 2007 when she made her big appearance in the first Transformers movie, she was fresh, intriguing, and my next girl crush.  When I excitedly entered the theater for Transformers 2, I was looking forward to round two of Foxiness, but I left the movie wondering what the hell happened to the girl.  Too much make up, over the top sexuality, and having the new “hotness” shoved down my throat just turned me off.  The same thing happened in the much anticipated Jennifer’s Body and I haven’t seen her in much of anything since, nor do I care to.


1. Angelina Jolie


Big head, big lips, skinny everything else.  I know the lips are what grab many men’s attention, but they are just too big and make her look like a caricature .  Her whole look seems unnatural and kind of scary.  I still enjoy her movies.  She is the ultimate girl action hero (Lara Croft Rocks!), but she just looks too strange to be hot to me.


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