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Master of Disguise: The Many Faces of Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is one of those guys that everyone loves, but few appreciate. Why would so few people appreciate this phenomenal actor? Because few people seem to even recognize him through his many guises. Let’s take a look at an unsung hero that you never knew you loved. We’ll do this thing chronologically just to save me the trouble of trying to decide on my favorite films or best disguises etc., which brings us to…

10. Sid & Nancy: 1986

Having only made one film and a few television programs, Gary is still new to acting when cast as the infamous Sid Vicous, bassist for The Sex Pistols.


9. JFK: 1991

Just 5 years and 9 films later (he stays quite busy), Gary transforms into another, and more notorious character, Lee Harvey Oswald. The similarities is amazing.


8. Dracula: 1992

Continuing his pattern of both, staying very busy and taking on roles of notorious characters, Gary Oldman plays the lead in Bram Stokers Dracula.


7. True Romance: 1993

One year later and his very next film, and what a transformation. I couldn’t believe this was Oldman when I found out. Not only is this one of my favorite films, but the part of Drexl is also one of my favorite GO roles. This is also the film that made me notice that this Oldman guy sure never looks the same.


6. Scarlet Letter: 1995

I have to admit, though I’m a huge Gary Oldman fan, I’ve never watched him portray the Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale in this film. Also, between this film and True Romance, GO played some of the most incredible roles in some of the best movies ever (Immortal Beloved, The Professional). I painfully chose to skip these films to keep with the overall subject of the list.


5. The 5th Element: 1997

Although this film did poor at the box office and Zorg is arguably not Oldman’s best work, I have to admit, The 5th Element is certainly one of my guilty pleasures. Just a fun film all around.


4. Hannibal: 2001

What a horrible way to follow up Silence of the Lambs. Either way, not only did Gary play a fantastic Mason Verger, he once again, was unrecognizable.


3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 2004

The last three films aren’t the best in terms of disguises, but they still how different this man can look from simple and almost unnoticeable changes. With just a little length to his hair you have the famous Sirius Black.


2. Batman Begins & The Dark Knight: 2005, 2008

One of the only times Gary has performed in a sequel, and soon to be trilogy, he slides into the shoes of one of his toughest characters. Commissioner Gordon may seem simple on the outside but anyone brave enough to take on a comic book role knows that comic fans are the most vocal and the hardest to please.


1. The Book of Eli: 2010

Carnegie isn’t, in my opinion, the best character and in all honestly, I thought the movie was lame. At the time of writing this list this was his last film so I decided to use it. This may be his last one made so far, but a quick look at IMDB.com shows that he’s just getting started. The man has eight movies currently in some stage of production including Harry Potter and The Dark Knight Rises.



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    June 26, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    Sid Vicious (Sid and Nancy)Ludwig van Beethoven (Immortal Beloved)Stansfield (Le9on)Sirius Black (Harry Potter film seeris)Jackie Flannery (State of Grace)Father Soloman (Red Riding Hood)Jim Gordon (Batman film seeris)Conde Dre1cula (Dracula)Dr. Zachary Smith (Lost in Space)-Conde Dre1cula (Dracula)Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg (The Fifht Element)Conde Dre1cula (Dracula)-Drexl Spivey (True Romance)Mason Verger (Hannibal)Conde Dre1cula (Dracula)Jack Grimaldi (Romeo is Bleeding)

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