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Cartoon Icons That Need to, or Have Kicked the Habbit

I read on Facebook today that my sister is giving up smoking, or at least trying to quit, as a tribute to her effort I dug up a bunch of cartoon characters that also smoke and some where even able to kick the habit themselves.

While doing my research I discovered that WAY more classics smoked then I realized so I decided to nix the one’s you’d expect,  the baddies. So, from Hana Barbara to Disney and Warner Bros., smoke’em if you got’em!


1. Goofy

Goofy is infamous for making bad decisions, typically however, Disney shows us the result of the bad decision right away. The impression I’m getting here is not of a bad decision, but only of how nice it would be out on the range, on a cool brisk October night enjoying your rolled tobacco.


2. Popeye

Popeye’s all sorts of messed up. The sailor life agreeably is rough, but this guy’s a wreck!


3. Peter Pan

Ahh the boy that never grew up, and apparently doesn’t have to worry about lung cancer.


4. Pinocchio

I don’t know if he counts, he’s not even a real boy. Does he even have lungs?


5 & 6. Tom and Jerry

When they’re not busy killing each other, Tom and Jerry can agree about the smooth taste of a fine cigar. They’ve got to be sipping scotch too.


7. Roger Radcliffe

Pongo old boy, sorry for the second hand smoke.


8. Merlin

Maybe he couldn’t see into the future far enough to know the health risks with smoking, or MAYBE, he could see far enough to know they turn out to be bullshit. Maybe.


9. Donald Duck

Hmm. Donald’s incomprehensible ramblings are starting to make sense. Throat cancer.


10. Genie

Although he was impersonating the great Groucho, he was still smoking.


11. Bugy Bunny

Eh, what’s up Doc.?


12. Fred Flinstone

After a long day at the quarry, Fred enjoys good tunes and a good Winston Cigarette, because Winston’s taste good, like a (click, click) cigarette should.


13, 14, & 15. Huey, Doey and Luey

Donald apparently was a bad example, these boys are starting young. Not sure if that look is illness or utter nirvana. Guess it depends on what they have rolled in those stogeys.


16. The Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

If you tell people to name a smoking cartoon character, I think most people’s minds will travel to the psychedelic film Alice in Wonderland and the hookah smoking caterpillar.


17. Frosty the Snowman

There’s no telling what those kids stuffed into that corncob pipe, but something tells me it wasn’t the hat that made him dance around.


18. The Mouse Most, Mickey

Even the infamous Mickey Mouse couldn’t escape. If I’m not mistaken, Walt himself, died of smoking related causes.


19. Jolly Old Saint Nick. Santa Clause

My kids couldn’t believe it when I pointed out that Santa smoked, I had to pull out Twas The Night Before Christmas to prove it to them.



It wasn’t too long ago that Doctor’s advertised for cigarettes and we made ashtrays for our parents in kindergarten. Times change quick, but it seems we forget even faster.

One thing I wanted to point out, it doesn’t seem like smoking was ever fashionable for women. Couldn’t find one animated woman that smokes besides Patty and Selma.

Be sure to post any characters I missed in the comment section below.


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  1. niki10210
    February 9, 2011 at 9:15 am

    loved it thanks 🙂

  2. Matt and Steph
    April 1, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Thanks to this article, Matt has quit smoking. You’re changing lives, List Oracle! (Seriously, he’s 6 days in, yaaaay!)

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