6 Deadly Sinners


Women: they are dainty, innocent, and the most virtuous of genders.  Men; they only think of “one thing”.  Hell, in the Victorian era the wives were thought to not even have a sex drive because they were too “high standard” and pure to be bothered with such dirty thoughts. There was a fine line between Madonna and Whore, and I personally thank this era for its assistance in promoting bi-sexual women. However, here are a few women I’ve discovered who not only break your “average” description of a women, but definitely point out; we can also have the aggressive gene and explore it on a completely different level. 

6. Aileen Wuornos

Starting with one of the more popular ones, Aileen Wuornos was born Feb. 1956 and executed Oct. 2002. She had a disturbed childhood from the beginning.  Aileen submitted to prostitution at only 15 years old to support herself after her grandfather kicked her out of the house. Prostitution, lack of discipline, and more importantly lack of love created continuous problems for her from there and led for her to be jailed multiple times. She was also known to be a frequent in bars. She started killing with her first victim, Richard Mallory, who was a convicted rapist. This one, as were most others, were claimed to be done in self-defense, which she later admitted wasn’t the case with all of them. The movie “Monster” is a documentary on her story.              Her total deaths: 6  Execution: Lethal injection on Oct. 9, 2002.

5.  Brenda Spencer:

“I don’t like Mondays, this livens up the day,” was her response over the phone when she was asked why she opened fire on an elementary school located across the street from her home in San Diego.  Brenda had an obsession for guns from childhood and when her father bought her a gun, it wasn’t long before she found a way to use it. In her shooting spree she killed two adults, injured 8 children, and injured one policeman. She stated on the same phone call that there was no reason for the shooting except just pure fun. Target practice at children standing right in front of her waiting to be shot. She was 16 when she broke out in these shootings, she was charged for 25 years and is currently still in the California institution for women.



4. Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness, born November 1859 in Norway, traveled to America in 1881 and became a serving women. She eventually married, started a business with her husband, and when the business failed the business suspiciously went up in flames and Gunness collected insurance money. In July of 1900 she collected from insurance again when her husband died of “enlarged heart” (though others suspected Gunness poisoned him) and moved to a farm in La Porte, Indiana. While there, she posted adds that requested an “equally wealthy” man to come and marry her so they could share fortunes with each other. With each man who responded to these requests Gunness and her farm hand would collect the money from them, and then kill them. The majority of her victims bodies were buried by the pig pen.  When her murders started getting attention she fired her farm hand and then went to court stating that she was nervous for her life, and the lives of her children. She said he threatened to burn down their farm. A bit later a headless body and the body of two children were found in her burned down house. There was a lot of time spend trying to identify Gunness’ body, and rumors still said she was spotted on many different occasions.

3.  Isle Koch (the bitch of Buchenwald)

Isle Koch was born September 1906, in Dresden Germany daughter of a factory foreman. It’s said she worked in a book store at age 15 and sold under the counter “toys” to the same men it’s said she took home with her. Also at this time she began participating in the rising Nazi Party.  Eventually through SS meetings and social networking, she met Karl Otto Koch whom she married. Together they ran the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and caused hell and havoc for the “inmates.” She targeted those with tattoos, torturing them, then cutting off the skin with tattoos and keeping them for souvenirs.  There are un-proven allegations that she skinned some inmates and had them made into lampshades for her house. She also stood outside the fences topless and had the inmates beat for looking in her direction. When on trial she claimed she was too busy being a mother to commit any of those crimes, Germany gave her 4 years and then let her out. After that, America stepped in and re-sentenced her.

2. Elizabeth Bathory

August 1560 Elizabeth Bathory was born into the noble and renown Bathory family of Hungary. Married to Ferenc Nádasdy at the age of 15, Elizabeth Bathory was left at home to run the estate while Nadasdy was involved in the “Long War”. She was known for being compassionate and promoting the help of women under her rule. Bathory was always surrounded by “black magic” practitioners and after her husband’s death she dove into the black magic beliefs herself. It started from back handing a servant girl, the girls lip was cut which left a small spot of blood on Bathory’s hand. Bathory felt as if the skin touched by blood was a bit softer than the rest so she developed the idea of bathing in virgin blood to keep herself young. She also committed crimes against virgin women which include:

  • severe beatings over extended periods of time, often leading to death
  • burning or mutilation of hands, sometimes also of faces and genitalia
  • biting the flesh off the faces, arms and other bodily parts
  • freezing to death
  • surgery on victims, often fatal
  • starving of victims
  • sexual abuse
  • She was actually accused of 80 deaths though testimonials and witnesses estimate the number to be more around 650 there was only enough proof to officially accuse her and her servants of 80 deaths. Being part of nobility she could not be tried. She was placed on house arrest indefinitely and died approximately four years later.

    1. Sada Abe

    Sada Abe, I will admit I added her as a personal favorite as she only killed one person, Kichizo Ishida. Abe grew up in and out of prostitution after being raped at 15. She tried multiple times to get out of the business and on one of her attempts to leave prostitution she worked in a resturaunt under a known Ishida who was a known womanizer.  Abe was with someone at the time and Ishida was married, she eventually gave into Ishida’s advancements. Initially they ran away to a love hotel with intentions of just releasing their desires, yet they remained in bed with each other for four days after that. When they returned Ishida went back to his wife, which upset Abe. She eventually convinced him to run with her one more time where they practices more Sadaism styled intercourse including strangling and using knifes in bed. Abe eventually became overwhelmed with “love” for Ishida and while he was sleeping strangled him to death, branded him on the arm with her name, cut off his genitals, and wrote with his own blood on his leg “Sada Kichi Together.” Three days later she was found in a hotel room still in the possession Ishida’s body parts. When asked why she took them her response was that she couldn’t hide his head, nor his body, and she needed a part with her that would bring back vivid memories.

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