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6 Deadly Sinners

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment


Women: they are dainty, innocent, and the most virtuous of genders.  Men; they only think of “one thing”.  Hell, in the Victorian era the wives were thought to not even have a sex drive because they were too “high standard” and pure to be bothered with such dirty thoughts. There was a fine line between Madonna and Whore, and I personally thank this era for its assistance in promoting bi-sexual women. However, here are a few women I’ve discovered who not only break your “average” description of a women, but definitely point out; we can also have the aggressive gene and explore it on a completely different level.  Read more…


Top Reasons that Jim Morrison, singer for The Doors, is ALIVE

September 21, 2010 54 comments

Jim Morrison

Is Jim Morrison still alive?

Like Elvis Tupac and now even MJ, the mysterious death of poetic rock-star Jim Morrison has had many fans seeking conspiracy theories, listening to song lyrics for hidden clues and messages and even spotting him all over the world from a bum in Paris to a suit and tie banker in Louisiana. Even horror master Stephen King reports picking up a hitchhiker in Texas he swears was Jim Morrison. Read more…

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